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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of ranking your website on Google's top pages. Gaining users' attention and increasing engagement on your website with Organic Traffic without investing in advertising is known as SEO. As a Education Marketing Company Mediagarh Provides SEO for Schools and Colleges

Types of SEO:

Understanding the types of SEO out there can help you choose the right services to get your website in the spotlight. It can also empower you to fix these issues yourself and then hand the rest off to a specialist.

On-page SEO

Anything you do with website content to improve rankings, such as using relevant keywords on Webpages.

Off-page SEO

Anything you do outside of your website to improve rankings, such as building backlinks

Technical SEO

Anything you do on the technical side of things, such as improving page speed

Technical Elements of SEO

Page Speed

Page Speed: The time it takes for users to click on a website to completely open it is in between. How much time it consumes depends on Page Speed. If your website is slow and tedious, it will cause a bad user experience. Improving server response time and introducing slow loading for profound pages are excellent ways to increase page performance and user experience.

Site Architecture

Designing & Creating a logical structure for your website improves the user experience and helps search engines recognize and index your information. The more precise the website will be, the more it will impress your targeted audience. Automate crawling by adding XML sitemaps and improving your robot.txt file to help search engine bots find their way to your website effectively.

Content Optimization

Keyword Research

Researching what maximum people search on Google where they can find your website; the whole process is known as keyword research. Example: SEO company for colleges. Keyword research is the core of every effective SEO campaign. Determine the relevant keywords and phrases that viewers want in connection to your services.

Create Useful, Informative Content

Content is one of the most valuable and essential factors of SEO. All websites have Content, and how it is shown and presented matters to users of your website. Address typical prospect inquiries and pain areas, promoting the business as an industry reference.​

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Offsite SEO

Link Building: Write Content related to your website and link it to other blog posts and articles. Earning backlinks from respected industry websites is necessary for increasing authority and search engine rankings. Providing the best Content through Backlinks can improve organic traffic growth on your website.

Social Media: Social media platforms are adequate outlets for advertising your agency's Content and connecting with your target audience. Best way to put your website on your social media as most people are active on this platform and have a better impression on your targeted audience.

Local SEO

The fourth and most crucial part of SEO is local SEO, which runs campaigns and methodologies that help your business become more noticeable in nearby list items on Google. Any business in an actual area or serving a geographic region can profit from nearby website design enhancement. Optimizing for local SEO is essential if your company services a particular geographical region.

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