Google Ads (Search, Display, Video)

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Google Ads (Search, Display, Video)

A fantastic method of marketing wherein you can make a bid based on the amount you are prepared to pay whenever somebody engages in your advertisement on Instagram or Facebook. When a user searches for anything and clicks on one of your adverts, it will appear at the forefront of the list of outcomes.

How does it work?

Advertising on search engines is indeed easy! When visitors search by using terms you've specified - keywords,
your advertisements appear above the organic listings.


Conduct good research of keywords to choose and analyze key performance indicators for Search Advertisements


Prepare your landing pages, creatives, and text ads


Determine the cost per click and negotiate values for keywords based on their intended use. Also, track progress and improve accordingly

Why should I do it?

Direct Approach – Search advertisements position your brand at the top of the results page when customers look for courses similar to yours. Is there something greater? Immediate presence with customer engagement!

Accurate – Because these visitors are already looking for what you have to offer, search advertisements provide high-standard traffic that seems to be likely to become customers

Embedded – For the best results, searching and display advertising work together. Additionally, they improve the effectiveness of many other external marketing activities

Cost Efficient – Search engine marketing is incredibly cost-effective because pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements charge you per click, limiting the loss of campaign expenditures

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