Student’s Admission Journey is Your Biggest Marketing Strategy in 2023

The education system leverages both traditional and digital marketing techniques to attract a specific kind of target audience an institution needs. Even with diverse marketing strategies and efforts, marketing to college students is difficult. Educational marketing or admission marketing strategies come in just about size and shape. To better understand what admission marketing strategies your institution should follow for increasing enrollment numbers in 2023, read about Harsh to know more. 

Harsh has always been driven and motivated to pursue aeronautical engineering in his life. However, hailing from a small town in Rajasthan with big dreams in his eyes, he was always searching for the proper guidance. We see so many Harsh around, who find choosing a coaching institute – a daunting task. It can be depicted as the tip of a huge iceberg floating in water – there’s much more than you can see.

Harsh planned to do a thorough search over the Internet to get into the best coaching institute meant for him but was stuck with making a final decision. Finally, one day, in the newspaper, Harsh spotted an advertisement for a leading coaching center in Kota and is now at the edge to make a decision. So, how does Harsh realize joining the country’s best coaching institute? 

To make your institute’s marketing strategies the best bet for students follow these steps and grow accordingly!

Finding the right institute – Print ads 

Even trends have a significant role; joining a coaching institute isn’t uncommon for students. Some courses/exams like CSE, JEE, CLAT, etc that are tough naturally attract more students to the coaching institutes. So, this specific institute in Kota is advertised on a leading national daily with all of the exam training they specialize in. Harsh spotted the one he needed to crack to get into IIT for aeronautical engineering. So, the advertisement helped him a lot to explore further.

Looking out for courses – Internet presence

Once Harsh made up his mind, he started hunting over the Internet for various courses this coaching institute had to offer. It will now help him figure out a feasible way to get into the college he dreams of or get the job he has always wanted. 

With the advancements in technology, the market has expanded a lot, the online courses have made this industry globally recognized. Students no longer look for institutes in their area but do so on a larger demographic to attain better quality education. So did Harsh, he explored multiple coaching institutes for his most desired exam to get him into his dream college.

Filtering based on geographical locations – Online classes

One thing that Harsh was skeptical about was the geographical location. Being such a reputed and leading coaching institution, he still might not be able to make it up because of a different location. Surprisingly, he found that online courses are available, much to his advantage. Like Harsh, many students belonging to remote backgrounds are inclined to institutes near their neighboring cities. 

Some cities have a better reputation for coaching students for a particular course, such as Kota for JEE and Delhi for CSE. Such biases should also be considered. So, to ensure that passionate students like Harsh can attend classes, online courses should be an option. 

Filtering based on financial constraints – Grants/scholarships

Once Harsh had fixated on the geographical location, he realized that the course fee was exorbitant for him. He started filtering out other institutes based on the fee structure. Naturally, students will always choose a coaching institute that fits their budget.

After a thorough exploration, he found four other similar institutes in Kota offering the same training with online classes. Harsh showed a higher inclination towards these as they offer scholarships or grants for particular segments of society or based on the scholarship exams. This fantasized him to explore further!

Filtering the options further – Services

Next, Harsh compared the institutes based on the following:

  • Faculty
  • Past Record
  • Brand Name
  • Batch Strength
  • Study Material
  • Test Series
  • Class Timings

Shortlisting coaching institutes- Digital marketing

Based on all the parameters given above, Harsh shortlisted two institutes. This is the most essential and crucial step that decides whether or not a student would join a particular institute. Harsh went with the two choices that have a good brand name and are impactful. These greatly determine the chances of a coaching institute winning over the other. Students tend to favor institutes they know of. This is where the digital marketing of both institutes helped Harsh to decide. 

Final selection – Demo classes

Harsh finally decided to join the institute, which was ready to offer a demo or introductory classes. 

Harsh chose to join the best coaching institute of the lot after getting satisfied with the teaching process of the faculty. So, finally, he could make it to the coaching institute, which can make him fulfill his dream. 

Ready to boom your marketing efforts!

Now that you know what attracts your target audience, you must look for the best marketing agency to help you with the process. Plan these into your marketing strategies and boom your enrollment number and help as many Harsh as you can around to select the best institute for their career. 




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