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I am Pankaj Budhwani. I Am The Founder & Director of Mediagarh. I Want to Share With You My Vision for What I Believe is a Space that Desperately Needs to be Filled—A Space Where Educational Institutions can Learn About How to Overcome Hurdles and Maximise their Admissions and Business Potential. It’s the 21st Century and We all know that the Landscape of Education is Changing rapidly. This change can be absolutely exhilarating, or it can be intimidating and downright scary. Well, what if I told you it doesn’t have to be either? What if there was a way for you to have a guidebook at your side as you navigate this new territory? That’s why. we started Marketing Express. Our team is here to help you develop your marketing strategy in a way that takes advantage of new technology while ensuring that your mission and goals are always at the forefront.  Whether you’re a small college looking to get recognized by more applicants or an established university looking to take your enrollment rates up a notch, we can help! 

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The use of YouTube marketing in the Ed-tech industry is growing rapidly. The successful collaboration between YouTube Algorithms and EdTech has led to a 41% inspire in impressions, a 27% expansion in leads, and 52% increase in natural application introduction. YouTube helps them learn or improve skills that interest them and the enthusiasm for e-learning is seen in Search trends. Since 2019, search interest in online education has increased by 50%, and search interest in e-learning has risen by 75%. Additionally, YouTube marketing can be very cost-effective, as there are no media costs associated with using the platform.

Briefly, it's because it maximizes your online business's ROI. Having an SEO-optimized website brings in lots of organic traffic, which converts to potential customers! With an integrated SEO strategy, targetting the potential crowd gets more accessible and takes your business beyond boundaries!

Ed-tech companies can use social media to connect with their customers, promote services, and build brand awareness. It is possible to create a strong online presence for ed-tech businesses by using social media effectively, engaging with potential customers, and reaching a wider audience.

Educators can use digital marketing through websites, pop-up ads, and social media to promote themselves through testimonials, feedback, and school statistics. Promote your educational institution through social media by spreading good news, truth, and positive messages A positive impression from digital marketing will boost your school's reputation, and a positive testimonial from a student or parent will give your advertising an air of authenticity and attract your audience.

Digital Marketing accelerates the brand's online presence and helps them gain greater visibility across online platforms. Public Relations is growing a brand’s public networks on social platforms.

Mediagarh provides digital PR services for online promotion targeted at combining various digital marketing tactics and PR techniques to improvise the brand’s connection with its targeted audience.

Automation of a task involves utilizing technology without needing human intervention. It can include tasks that are usually performed by humans, such as manufacturing products and providing customer service. In addition to the use of technology to enhance efficiency, automation can also refer to the use of machines instead of people in order to automate a process

A responsive web design means creating pages on all kinds of devices such as mobile, tab, and desktop screens. This is because the customers are widespread and use different devices.
A website that attracts and improves the user experience of each customer increases the search engine ranking, gets more visitors & leads, drives more conversions, and enhances the brand image & reputation.

With the world turning into a digital sphere, if your business is not online, then you are definitely losing out on many potential customers and growth prospects as compared to your competitors, who already have booming digital visibility.
Moreover, an optimized presence improves your business’ reach and gives you a solid brand image that develops credibility. Mediagarh is the best digital marketing agency in India, excelling in providing digital solutions that help you stretch your business horizons.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a systematic approach to grab a higher rank in Google’s search results that would ultimately increase search traffic and trigger conversions.
Search Engine Marketing includes strategies aimed at escalating visibility and traffic, primarily through paid ads

Social media marketing services are services provided by a company to increase your social media presence and drive engagement/traffic organically to your business’ multiple social media platforms.

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